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School Counseling
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Mrs. Debbi's "Soaring with the Hawks" School Counseling Program

Boo Hoo Breakfast 2014
Boo Hoo Breakfast 2014


 Mrs. Debbi's Vision for the Mt Horeb Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The Students of Mt Horeb Elementary are high achieving learners who leave our school well prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of Middle and High School.  All students participate in a comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates partnerships between school, family and community as successful, lifelong learners and productive citizens. Our students will make a difference in our community as well as society as a whole.


Mrs. Debbi Believes:

  1.  All students can achieve at the highest level of academic standards which will result in college and career success.
  2.  Developmental needs of students are best met by the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program.
  3.  School counselors are leaders and advocates who collaborate with the appropriate stake holders to ensure equitable access to rigorous curriculum and opportunities for self directed personal growth for all students.
  4.  A licensed professional school counselor maximizes academic achievement for all students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that is planned, manages, delivered, and evaluated thoroughly each year.
  5.  School wide data must be analyzed and translated into goals that guide the direction of a comprehensive school counseling program promoting student academic, personal/social, and career achievement.
  6.  The school counselor applies ASCA Ethical Standards to ensure that all decisions are based on the highest oral principals in order to promote the maximum development of every student.


Mrs. Debbi's Mission

The mission of the Mt Horeb School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that will allow and address opportunities for ALL students to be challenged to learn, achieve, and succeed in the domains of academic, career, personal/social development. 

In partnership with other educators, parents or guardians, and the community, the school counselor will support and inspire students to be successful lifelong learners and problem solvers.



A Comprehensive School Counseling Program Is:

An integral part of each school’s total educational program.  It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities organized and implemented by licensed school counselors with the support of teachers, administrators, students and parents.  A school counseling program shall deliver services in these four areas:

1. School Counseling Curriculum

2. Individual Planning

3. Responsive Services

4. Program Support


The program addresses the needs of ALL students by helping them to:

Achieve educational success

Develop competencies in career/life planning

Acquire and apply personal and social knowledge

Roles of the School Counselor

1. To counsel with students individually and in small groups

2. To present developmental lessons in the classroom and in small groups

3. To serve as a student advocate

4. To consult with teachers, administrators, school support personnel, parents and business/community agencies

5. To participate in school meetings

6. To assist students to develop personal awareness and explore personal goals

7. To help students develop communication and interpersonal skills needed to relate well to others

8. To help children cope with family changes

9. To help children develop decision making and problem solving skills




Jefferson County Schools

Counseling Department Master Calendar



Mount Horeb





Teacher training-504, child abuse, suicide, HAWKS RtI Behavior Program, Drama, Olweus-classroom meetings

Boo-Hoo Breakfast for K parents

Kick off 180 Days of Character morning announcements

Character Word: Responsibility



No Name Calling Week Celebration

Anti-Bullying Month

Classroom Lessons: Bullying and Teasing

Character Word: Trustworthiness





Olweus Kickoff-Community Block Party

Classroom Lessons: Me and My Safe and Caring School

Character Word: Responsibility




School Counseling Week Celebration

I Appreciate You Day-School Wide

Classroom Lessons: Cooperation

Character Word: Fairness

School Counselor Thank you Breakfast for administrators and central office


Red Ribbon Week Celebration

Safe Schools Celebration

Classroom Lessons: Discover our Feelings

Character Word: Respect





Diversity-Around the world food, dress, and customs with ESL

Pay It Forward Day

Classroom Lessons: Getting Along with Others

Character Word: Citizenship




Classroom Lessons: Caring People

Character Word: Caring




National Child Abuse Prevention Month

TCAP Pep Rally

Classroom Lessons: The Power to Choose

Character Word: Review of all words

School wide community service project for all students to participate in

Classroom Lessons: Respect Yourself and Others

Character Word: Caring continues

5th Grade Transition to Middle School

K Transition to 1st Grade

Classroom Lessons: Follow Your Dreams