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Get Started in the Right Direction: New PD & Support Sessions Posted at PDC
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Monday, August 06, 2018

August 6, 2018

Need some help setting up your gradebook or getting off the ground with Canvas?  Join us at the Professional Development Center for an Open Lab Support session on August 7th or 8th beginning at 7am.  Details and additional sessions are available to Jefferson County Schools employees in the ITPDC District-Wide Notebook.  Contact Deedra Hillard or Amy Sharp if you have difficulty accessing the notebook link.  

Beginning of the Year Gradebook Set Up Steps: 

STEP 1:  Use this resource to review the 4 options for calculating student grades in Aspen:

Understanding Averaging Modes:  Calculate Averages in the Gradebook

Understanding Averaging Modes in the Gradebook (Video Resource)

Carefully review the differences in the final grade with each calculation option. 


STEP 2:  Determine which of the following 4 options you will use as your default gradebook calculation. 

  1. Categories Only:  Calculating Averages Using Weighted Categories
  2. Categories and Assignments:  Calculating Averages Using Weighted Categories and Assignments
  3. Total Points:  Calculating Averages Using Total Points Only
  4. Category Total Points:  Calculating Averages Using Category Total Points


Default Calculation:  _____________________________________


STEP 3:  Note any specific classes/courses that will NOT use the same mode to calculate score.  NOTE:  This is NOT recommended.  Confusion regarding the students expected score and reported score are among the most commonly reported technical issues at the end of a grading period. 

  • List any class(es) that will differ with the Grade Calculation for that class:


Grade Calculation






STEP 4:  Use this resource to review the Gradebook Preference Options:

Gradebook Preferences:  Set Your Preferences on the Gradebook Tab (Print Resource)

Setting Your Default Gradebook Preferences  (Video Resource)


Configure Scoring Settings for Individual and Linked Classes (Print Resource)

Defining Scoring Settings and Linking Classes (Video Resource)