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Thursday, August 25, 2016
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Grades 2-8 Assessment Calendar




September 19-23

2nd grade Field Test

Given to 3rd graders 

August 8-19

Universal Screener

Pre Screener

October 13-19

1st Nine weeks - ELA & Math Benchmarks


October 24-28

2nd grade Alternative Assessment (Field Test)

Given to 3rd Graders

Nov. 28 – Dec. 9

Universal Screener

Mid Screener

January 5-13

2nd Nine Weeks - ELA & Math Benchmarks


January 31

NAEP – Talbott 

4th Grade - Math and Reading

February 14

NAEP – Mt. Horeb

4th Grade - Math and Reading

February 15

NAEP – Rush Strong

8th Grade - Math and Reading

March 16-24

3rd Nine Weeks - ELA & Math Benchmarks



ELA Field Test

Schools will be chosen at random by the state. Mandatory participation if chosen.

March 6-April 21


ELL students only

April 19

TCAP ELA State Test - Subpart I

Writing portion

April 20

TCAP ELA Subpart I - Make-up


April 24-25

TCAP ELA Subparts 2,3,4


April 26-27

TCAP Math Subparts 1,2,3


April 28



May 1

TCAP Science Subparts 1,2


May 2

TCAP Social Studies - Field Test


May 3



May 3-May16

Universal Screener

Post Screener

March 6- May 12

MSAA & Alt. Port


April 24-May 5

2nd Grade State Test

Further information will be available after completion of the 2nd Grade Field Test


NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Progress

ELA – English Language Arts

TCAP – TN Comprehensive Assessment Program

MSAA – Multi-state Alternate Assessment

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