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Special Area Schedule...  

 Please note the schedule and help your child dress accordingly.  On Art days, make sure your child wears clothes s/he is okay with getting messy.  On Gym days, please have him or her wear OR bring gym shoes.  (The students are welcome to wear other shoes and bring sneakers to change into before class.  Students WILL lose classroom money if they do not have the correct shoes, and the gym teachers don't usually allow them to participate.)  Also, each student needs to bring his or her library book every week to turn in or check out again. Students will lose classroom money if s/he does not bring back his or her book on Library day. Thanks for your help.



Special Areas
Monday-   Off (O)
Tuesday-  Library (L)
Wednesday-  Art (A)
Thursday-  Gym/Gym (G/G)
Friday-  Music (M)