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Mt. Horeb Elementary

Family Engagement Plan

As parents of students at Mt. Horeb Elementary, you are extremely important to us. Our commitment to helping your child be successful cannot be accomplished without your help. Parents and stakeholders alike are involved in school improvement. This plan is a grouping of information that can be useful to you by offering ways to become involved at Mt. Horeb Elementary and in your child's academic programming.

Parent Teacher Organization

We encourage parents to become active in our PTO. This organization spends a great deal of time helping the school obtain needed materials and resources. For questions or concerns regarding PTO news or membership, email our school secretary, Laura Harrell, at

Title I Parent Involvement Events

We are a school-wide Title I school, which means we receive federal funds to benefit all students due to our demographics. Each school year we have a Title I Parent Involvement Night that explains our participation with Title I. All parents are encouraged to attend. There are Parent Involvement Nights held specifically for the parents of Hispanic children and is coordinated by our ESL teacher.  


We welcome parents to participate in the daily happenings at Mt. Horeb Elementary. Parents may sign up with their child's teacher to volunteer or observe in the classroom after they have attended our mandatory parent volunteer/chaperone training.  Sessions are held at least twice per semester and enable parents to become more aware of the expectations of volunteers at our school. Parent volunteers are especially important to our literacy program. Parents can be wonderful, encouraging role models to other children, as well as their own.

Newsletters and Class Webpages

Newsletters are a great way for parents to keep up with what is going on daily in the classroom. Newsletters also provide information regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment.  Also newsletters are useful in helping parents remember important upcoming events. Newsletters are available in Spanish.  Look for your child's weekly newsletter. Class webpages are a great way for parents to keep up to date on class activities, homework assignments, and things that are needed for the classroom. Please be sure to check out your child's class webpage on the Mt. Horeb Elementary website.

Monitoring Progress

The school year at Mt. Horeb Elementary is divided into four nine-week grading periods. Grade cards go out at the end of the nine weeks. However, mid-term grades are also sent out between official grade cards so that parents can be aware of their child's academic achievement and hopefully prevent any undesired grades. Contact the school for any questions, concerns, or additional assistance, such as interpreting student's progress.


Parent-teacher conferences are held in fall and spring at Mt. Horeb Elementary. Parents are encouraged to attend these conferences to receive progress reports from the teacher and to voice any concerns the parent or teacher may have. In addition, discussing the changes in content standards at these meetings may make parents more aware of the demanding academic standards taught in the classroom.  If additional meeting times are needed, our faculty is more than happy to make appointments with parents during planning times or after school. Bilingual translation is provided if needed.

County and School Website

The Jefferson County Schools website found at is a great resource for both students and parents. The site contains many useful links to activities and information. Our school website  also contains useful information. In addition, from the link to the Tennessee State Department of Education found at, parents may obtain information on a variety of topics including curriculum, assessment, and proficiency levels.

The Jefferson County website contains links for a variety of parent trainings. The "Literacy Lane" link contains tips for reading with your child. The "Parents " link has a large list of helpful websites, and the "Family Resource Center" link contains pre-school activities, parenting strategies, and information for families with various needs and concerns. Mt. Horeb Elementary has an English as a second language teacher and an available interpreter that can help with understanding newsletters and other school news. At the Hispanic Parent Involvement Night, the ELL teacher advises parents on best practices for their children. Our Pre-K classroom at Mt. Horeb Elementary is another source to reach students and their families to create a strong school to home connection and to establish early interventions.

School-Parent Compact

In meeting the requirements for schools being funded by Title I, our school administrators, faculty, and parents have designed a school parent compact. The compact describes our commitment to quality curriculum and instruction and to establishing a safe learning environment. It also includes information about conferences/meetings, grade reports, access to staff and parental responsibilities. A copy of the school-parent compact will be sent out at the beginning of each school year. Additional copies will be available in our front office.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) is implemented at Mt. Horeb. Through the Olweus program, Mt. Horeb Elementary will develop ways to carry the anti-bullying message community-wide. This effort will be in collaboration with students, teachers, school staff, parents, families, and other community members.

Staff Training

Staff training will be provided throughout the school year during in-service and professional development sessions.  The following training sessions will be provided but not limited to: Curriculum information training, Instruction/ assessment training, Literacy training, Technology training & Math training. Each grade level holds weekly PLC meetings pertaining to a variety of education-related topics.

* Copies of this family engagement plan will be distributed to all parents with students at Mt. Horeb Elelementary. The process for updating this plan will be done collaboratively on an annual basis to better meet the needs of the students, parents, and school. Any additional comments or questions may be submitted to the principal at or the assistant principal at


                                                                 Updated 05/2018